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Plectranthus argentatus (Silver Plectranthus)

Sprawling shrub with large, velvety silver leaves that are slightly aromatic when crushed. Spikes of pale blue or white flowers are held above the plant in spring & summer & attract native bees. Will tolerate light drought & frost, but grows best in a moist, sheltered position. Responds well to pruning, is suitable as a bedding plant beneath trees or as a background plant. Uncommon in the wild, usually found in rocky areas near waterfalls on the Border Ranges & Main Range.

Type:3. Shrubs
Aspect:Filtered Sun

Special features:
  • Cottage Garden Plants - Native species providing a new approach to old traditional English idea.
  • Groundcovers - Low spreading shrubs and prostrate plants useful as groundcover or under storey.
  • Indoor Plants - Plants which are suitable as indoor pot plants or in your bushhouse.
  • Rockery Plants - Plants suitable for large or small garden rockeries
  • Shade Tolerant Plants - Plants which are suitable for shady sites.
  • Significant Flora Species - Brisbane plants considered valuable because of their limited distribution.
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Plectranthus argentatus (Flower), Photographer: N MurphyPlectranthus argentatus (Flower), Photographer: N Murphy
Plectranthus argentatus (Flower), Photographer: N Murphy